We want to ensure that all volunteers / mentors have a positive experience with the YMCA READS Program. We know that volunteers who are supported are more successful, which leads to more positive outcomes for youth.


  • Communicate with the volunteers and students each week that they participate in the program.
  • Document each tutoring session, including date, length, and nature of the contact.
  • Provide program volunteers with access to a variety of resources, including websites, publications, experts, and experienced mentors, to help mentors navigate any new situations that they encounter.
  • Provide monthly volunteer training opportunities for new and continuing volunteers.
  • Communicate with a key person in each student’s support network, including parent, guardian, teacher, or after-school staff, at least once per quarter.
  • Thank volunteers for their contributions regularly, both formally and informally, throughout their volunteer service.

Adapted from Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring: Garringer, M., Kupersmidt, J., Rhodes, J., Stelter, R., Tai, T. (2015), Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring. Retrieved from The National Mentoring Partnership website.